Kawasaki KX85 2005-16



The PR2 Kawasaki Linkage system was developed to meet the demands of Team Kawasaki's fastest Mini racers like AC, Austin Forkner, Tanner Stack, Carter Halpain, Lance Kobush, Garrett Marchbanks, Stylez Robertson and the list goes on of riders who have counted on its performance to win Championships!!

Designed to correct the initial sponginess and overly progressive ratio associated with the stock linkage system.

The PR2 linkage changes the leverage ratio to handle small, choppy acceleration and braking bumps while keeping the rear of the bike solid feeling and not wallowy like a cork floating on water. The overly progressive stock linkage ratio curve is retuned to absorb the deflections experienced from large braking bumps and aggressive acceleration. The suspension will then travel to it’s potential without changing the ride height. A gain of 40mm travel in the rear will be experienced without a big “spike” at the end of it's motion.