PODIUM RC3 FOX Racing Shox



The best possible suspension set-up for each track is most often what decides the winner. The PODIUM® RC3 gives riders unsurpassed suspension performance along with the ability to fine tune to the perfect setting quicker and easier than ever before. FOX's proprietary external adjustments allow riders to independently dial in the optimum amount of high- and low-speed compression, rebound, and bottom-out control, completely independent of each other.


  • Adjustable Bottom-Out Control  (B.O.C.) to change the end of travel damping without affecting the first 3/4 of travel
  • F.A.S.T. (Fast Adjust Spring Technology) preload device
  • Dual compression adjuster with huge range of adjustment
  • DLC coated shaft
  • Exotic, proprietary coatings on shock body and reservoir to enhance durability and significantly reduce stiction
  • High flow, Off-Road racing truck inspired damping piston


  • - Bottom-Out Control (B.O.C.) - 24 clicks
  • - Spring Preload with new F.A.S.T.  preload device
  • - High Speed Compression - 24 clicks
  • - Low Speed Compression - 24 clicks
  • - Rebound - 24 clicks


  • Coil


  • Motocross Racing