MX5 WP AER35 SFF Spring Conversion System kit - KTM/HUS Mini



PR2 Racing is offering the new MX5 WP SFF Spring conversion system.  The MX5 System is available for WP AER35 Forks on the 2017 KTM SX50/SX65 and Huski TC50/TC65.

The SFF Spring/Cartridge system replaces both the "difficult to maintain" stock Air Spring and the poor performing stock damper.  The Spring side fork internals are replaced with a Coil spring system, eliminating stiction, harshness and most important the constant maintenance of an Air Fork.  The damper fork internals are replaced with a Precision high quality twin tube damper cartridge completely eliminating inconsistent damping (or lack of) and cavitation.  The MX5 Damper side cartridge adds a fully functional base valve and mid-speed valve taking the WP mini forks to a level of performance that is unmatched in mini suspensions.

The SFF Spring/Cartridge system is manufactured 100% in the USA using the highest quality materials and Chrome Silicon Coil Spring.  The system is installed completely inside the OEM fork tubes without any modificatons to the forks.