About PR2

About PR2 Racing Technology

In 1999, Chris Durham and Jeff Peinhart, a couple of avid motorcyclists/racers combined their talents to form PR2 Racing Technology. Both coming from highly technical backgrounds, tuning engines and suspensions for their personal equipment and a small group of fellow enthusiasts was a natural evolution. By word-of-mouth and working closely with "unknown" riders like a young mini rider from Pennsylvania, Broc Hepler; PR2 has evolved into a company that offers the highest level of modern technology available in the Motocross / Off-road market place. PR2's growth is fueled with personal passion for the sport and supported with a comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Combustion engine technology
  • Precision manufacturing

Since 1999, PR2 equipped racers such as Hepler, Izzi, Trettel, Sipes, Lawrence, Rife and many others have won countless Regional, State, and Local championships across the country. World wide, the prestigious championships include the FIM Youth World Championship, AMA National Championship, Mini-Olympics, Ponca City, World Mini GP. Our products and service include "Factory" level tuned Engines and Suspensions that can be available to anyone who desires to have the best. Our technology combined with the knowledge of the sport's demands can help make your team a winner too.

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PR2 Racing Engine Division
849 N. Little Britain Rd.
Quarryville, Pa 17566

Phone: 717-786-8321
Website: www.pr2racingengines.com
Email: Jeff@pr2racing.com

PR2 Racing Suspension Division
169 Hannahstown Rd.
Butler, Pa 16002

Phone: 724-360-2745
Website: www.pr2racing.com
Email: Chris@pr2racing.com

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