PR2 KTM 50/65 SVC Fork System



The PR2 designed sealed chamber system corrects the cavitation problem associated with the 2012-16 KTM SX/SXS 65.  Due to the fluid loss in the stock cartridge system, inconsistent damping and fluid aeration is an uncorrectable problem not able to be solved by conventional fork tuning methods or revalving processes.  The PR2 SVC system is designed to seal the damping chamber oil within the damper cartridge area while maintaining a positive oil pressure within the system at all times.  Consistent damping prevents unexpected or uncontrolled diving of the fork during landings, braking or deceleration.  The perfectly consistent and controlled rebound keeping the front wheel precisely in the corner as expected, the spring back or uncontrolled rebound effect will no longer require multiple attempts of beginning the turning process.  The turns will once again become a single motion while naturally setting into the corner so the rider can complete the turning the focus on the next part...Acceleration leading to his/her best possible lap time!!!

This system compliments the very unique PR2 valving system but can work with almost any valving configuration.

Fits: KTM SX65/SXS 65 2012-16.